I'm participating in the biggest SEO contest
by Affiliate Programs competition organized by the best of the Online Casinos

What is Cpayscom online casinos?

This is a SEO contest,
Which means you need to make your website be the first ranked on some search engines.
So, the contest ends on July 1, 2006. Then they will search on Google this keyword,
and give away a 4000$ prize to the first rank!
The second rank will win 500$, the third 200$, and the 4th until the 50th, 50$ each.

What's new on Cpayscom online casinos?

Hi, We've moved to a new server!
There are few new pages, and we've uploaded a RSS channel!
Our ranking on MSN isn't so clear, it seems like MSN is being passed an algorithm changing.
On Yah, we were 6-7 ranking, and now we are not there because the server has fallen.
Hope we will come back soon.

This website's ranking on Yahoo is 5th at the moment.
On Google, our website and blog place in 8th and 6th ranking compatibly.
I have made a partnership with Tal Garty,
So on MSN we are 7th ranking.

We are ranking 3-6 on Yahoo.
On G, another website on mine is 13th ranking at the moment.

Bad luck.
PR updating has been occurred, we still have 0.
Looks like we will never come back to G.
But we 4th on Yahoo! Maybe I will win there...

We have been kicked out from G.
I won't write here the whole story, but maybe it will return someday...
I don't give up!

Hi all,
We are on 2nd rank! I'm really happy.
Yesterday was a good day on SE.
On backgammon rules I have became on 2nd rank too.
And on backgammon I am on 2nd page!
All these thing was really surprising.

It seems that Google like this website - 4th rank, and still before any links exchange.
But of course it's not absolutely yet. Google doesn't stop dancing!
In spite of that, on the most data centers the website is on the 4th rank,
and I have a proof that proves that this is an updated data center.

Hi again,
This website is on the 4th rank for the contest!
And this is before I start! I haven't worked it almost.
I have a lot of work - There are 3 contests, and one big project for me.
I have got new ideas, I have read more articles about it, but the time...
Slowly I will take care of everything, maybe I will invest only part of these jobs.
All the contests and projects so seducer and challenge!
And these are rumors of more 2-3 contest!
Wow, I should start working all!

I decided to convert this website to the Cpayscom online Casinos contest,
and don't invest the BTDino contest because the prizes of course ;-) .
So, before the converting, this website were placed on 6th page in the new contest.
We will see how the rank will change...
Except the website converting, I must convert the links to, after that the rank will change again.
And don't forget - there is another contest, V7Ndotcom Elursrebmem!
So slowly I will SEO them both.

Good luck!

I've won three first places on the backgammon SEO contest!
The three keywords were Backgammon Rules(1500$), Backgammon Games(1500$) and Online Backgammon (2000$).
Good luck, I'm sure that in this contest I have learned a lot!
Thank you TCADS!

An Update:
Hi everybody
Here is a small update:
On Online Casino: 5th place (right now) !
On Backgammon Rules: 3rd place (who means, in fact, 1st place)

We have won the Fortuno Winnero SEO contest, in the second place!

The contest logo:
Cpayscom online Casinos contest's logo
My position is 2-4, I hope this new design will help me..

I invested a lot on this contest, I really hope I will win at least third place.

After this contest, I will still participate the Echolist Directory SEO contest, and maybe the Online Backgammon Rules SEO contest too.

I will be glad to do some SEO jobs.
This contest gives me a lot of trying.

Who am I?

My name is Ofir.
I'm participating in the new Cpays OC contest.
You can contact me on: ofirson@gmail.com.